ARHC committees are structured to meet the organizational goals, and include:

Executive Board: Responsible for leadership and sustainability of the organization.

Organizational Development/Administration: Responsible for by-laws, elections, and overall implementation of the association’s three-year strategic plan.

Member Engagement: Responsible for communication, training for new members, recruitment, and conference planning.

Medical Screening and Surveillance: Responsible for facilitating the national adoption of CDC and ORR guidelines for refugee health assessments in state refugee health programs. In addition, responsible for developing guidance for, and support of, standardized data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

Health Education: Responsible for promoting consistent and timely health education messages in the US and overseas with a focus on new refugee populations.

Mental Wellness: Responsible for facilitating dialogue on refugee mental wellness, identifying and sharing best practices in mental wellness, and providing support, guidance, and educational resources on the topic of mental wellness to states and partners with limited resources.

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